A Review of Ambit Energy’s Real Role in Energy Deregulation

Energy deregulation allows a state or portion of a state, such as a city, and the people in it, to choose among different companies, such as Ambit Energy to supply them with electricity. It’s sort of like the phone company, it’s the same lines of electricity, and you now have a choice as to who sells you what’s in the lines.

This will save thousands of people hundreds of dollars on their energy bill every month because it creates competition and competition is the hallmark of downward driven market prices.

Another perk is that consumers have a choice in where their money is going. No longer do they have to tolerate poor customer service and surly operators just because that particular company is the “only game in town”. Now each company that sells consumers electricity must step up to the plate and earn the right to service the customer.

The energy monopolies that once existed will soon be a thing of the past and new companies will spring up eager to earn the trust of the local consumer.

One such company that truly seems to understand what the deregulated consumer needs is Ambit Energy. The relatively new supplier leading the way to lower consumer spending on energy bills is currently marketed in both New York and Texas while eyeing other states as they become available in the very near future.

So why don’t more consumers know about the effects of deregulation?

Many of the consumers in these two states are still unaware that they even have a choice in energy companies or that such savings can be realized. The fact is the majority of consumers have not switched due to lack of education about energy deregulation. Furthermore, it is simply a matter of getting in touch with one of the companies energy consultants.

The actual switch of energy suppliers takes place with a completely seamless interface. There is no charge to switch providers and in fact this particular company even sends you on vacation for doing so.

Similar to when the telecom industry deregulated the current energy conglomerate in an effort to maintain their market share continue to over charge their customers so they can use those billions of dollars to advertise simply to keep overcharging the customer. What a vicious cycle!

According to Ambit Energy’s own website they are the service organization with a vision to be the finest and most respected residential energy provider in the United States.

Although, marketed under the multi-level marketing business model, this company is providing real value to consumers by saving each one between 7% and 20% on their current energy costs depending on the state of residence.

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the company even pays consultants a percentage of each personal consumer”s energy bill. The consultants are compensated handsomely in an industry that has an endless demand and consumption product.

Rumors are currently flying about that flaunt this company as being the biggest millionaire maker to arrive on the scene since Excel.

It is widely held that because of experienced and competent management at the helm of this company it will continue to gain market share and provide consumers with savings they are currently unable to obtain in their current energy provider climate. Ambit Energy will have an increasingly huge long term role in the energy deregulation arena.

If you live in a area where deregulation has not begun or even in one where it already has there are always a few things you can do to keep your energy bills lower.

A few common sense tips to save on you energy bill:

Turn on your ceiling fan, reverse the direction because heat rises and this will help to bring the heat back down to where you are. Using your ceiling fan can shave about $10 off you heating bill. Keep warm air in by insulating your house, through doors and windows. Much of the warm air we have is seeping out through cracks in the widow and door frames. Simple insulations can prevent this and save the warm air for you. And change your furnace filter. If the air can’t flow through properly, then it can’t heat your house. Dial down the thermostat. For every degree you dial down on the thermostat, you save 1 to 3 percent on your heating bill.